Nokia updates Windows Phone 8 public transport app

Nokia has launched a replacement version of its Transport application, that presents directions in an exceedingly new manner and counts all the way down to once the bus or train can leave.

Navigation is one amongst the tools Nokia hopes can convert shoppers to choose up the Lumia 820 or the Lumia 920, the company’s new devices running Windows Phone eight. The Transport application, additionally referred to as Transit, is a component of that. Continue reading “Nokia updates Windows Phone 8 public transport app”

Tablets: iPad Still Leading ‘Fire’ at Best Buy, Says Baird

R.W. Baird’s Will Power today writes that his calls to Best Buy (BBY) outlets revealed that Apple’s (AAPL) iPad is still leading tablet computer sales, “with most reps indicating that it continues to be the best selling device,” remarking that “ease-of-use” was cited by store reps as the main reason for the iPad’s continued success.

Power notes that’s (AMZN) “Kindle Fire” tablet, released last fall, “was absent from most reps’ recommendations” for tablets. However, it seems reps did mention the Fire, but they are describing it to customers as an “e-reader,” with tablet-like features, Power writes. Continue reading “Tablets: iPad Still Leading ‘Fire’ at Best Buy, Says Baird”

Softbank announces 110 Mbps network

Softbank, Japan’s third largest mobile operator and exclusive provider of Apple’s iPhone in the country, said on Thursday that it would be in November, a network of new data to start the download of 110 Mbps (megabits per second), faster than many cable connections offer today.

The new “Softbank 4G” network will initially provide via modem, the small mobile wireless networks for computers and other devices that have traveled with the company to urban centers in the country in April 2013. It is compatible with a standard that more and more Chinese media reports say that Apple’s support, which means that future iPhones on Softbank network access to blazing download speeds could have.
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Purported iPhone 5 case suggests big redesign

The race to uncover the new iPhone 5 took a new twist today when accessories manufacturer Case-Mate posted a gallery of new cases promising a radical new form factor

The cases suggest that the hotly-anticipated new iPhone device will boast a curved aluminium back, very similar to the iPad 2’s design.

The gallery featuring the cases has now been taken down and replaced by a holding page.

Pinch of salt
While it’s interested to see more impressions of what the fifth generation iPhone 5 could look like, it’s important not to get too carried away.

iPhone case manufacturers have been successful in predicting designs before now (through illegal means, we might add), so it’s not out of the realms of possibility that Case-Mate has the inside scoop.

However, stories continue to emerge asserting with the same conviction that the next iPhone will or will not undergo any design overhaul.

Just today, reports of emerged that the iPhone 5 will have an “elongated home button”, which is a new one on us.

Without making any accusations, it also seems fair to assume that the publication of this story has seen Case-Mate enjoy higher than usual traffic than on a regular business day. Just saying.