China Mobile FY2012 profit up to $20.6B on data growth

China Mobile’s profit for the fiscal year of a pair of012 will increase 2.7 % to achieve 129.3 billion yuan (US$20.6 billion) as revenue from its wireless information business grows fifty three.6 percent.

In a statement Thursday, the Chinese operator proclaimed its earnings for the fiscal year over day, 2012. The company’s operational revenue grew six.1 % throughout the year to achieve 560.4 billion yuan (US$89.2 billion).

China Mobile according that its user base grew nine.3 % to achieve 710 million subscribers, among including eighty seven.93 million 3G subscribers. throughout 2012, it attracted a complete of sixty.73 million new users with 3G subscribers creating up quite 1/2 its new users at thirty six.72 million.

Revenue from wireless information traffic grew fifty three.6 % and contributed to twelve.2 % of the overall revenue. 3G traffic for China Mobile grew 187.6 % in 2012 whereas total voice usage volume enlarged slower at seven.8 percent.

Beyond its home market, China Mobile is eyeing investments in alternative countries, together with FRG, Republic of South Africa, Brazil, Portugal, and Asian country.